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Welcome to the website of the Pan American Association of Eye Banks. For your convenience this website is also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

The Pan American Association of Eye Banks provides education, medical standards, training and certification and assistance with the establishment of eye banks.


The mission of APABO is to encourage the establishment of eye banks throughout North, Central and South America and the states and regions of the Caribbean; to set standards to be followed by member eye banks; to train and certify qualified personnel as eye bank technicians; and to foster educational programs concerning the importance of eye donation and the causes and prevention of blindness.


Code of Ethics

• Ocular tissues may neither be bought or sold.
• Ocular tissues shall be distributed to cornea patients regardless of their age, sex, religion, color or nationality
• Ocular tissues shall be distributed to specialized ophthalmologists only, who must follow established request order guidelines except in the event of an emergency.
• The wishes of the immediate family member or legal next-of-kin of the donor shall be honored with respect to the donation of ocular tissues.
• The names of donors and recipients shall not be disclosed without their written consent.
• A family’s dignity shall be respected when requesting ocular donations.
• The collection of funds for ocular tissues shall be made following strict ethical procedures.